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* We do not make this guarantee because we have some special relationship with any of the search engines. We make this claim simply due to the experience and volume of client data we have developed in tracking algorithm trends of the major engines. Success leaves clues, so leveraging these trend indicators gives us the advantage and confidence for stating and standing behind our Guaranteed Ranking Policy when you become a MetaTagMD Client.

Here's how our Ranking Guarantee works. As you know, search engines routinely modify their algorithms to make certain their index produces the most relevant results possible. That is what makes it so challenging or frustrating for most "do it yourselfer's." It's not easy and it's a moving target which requires savvy know how and experience in order to consistently appear on the first page of results. has over a decade of hands on experience with clients worldwide. It's for this reason we can extent to all our clients this ranking guarantee.

Any client campaign which runs for 12 consecutive months paid shall be entitled to enforce our money back ranking guarantee. If we fail to meet the ranking guarantee (as indicated in the package you select) at least once during any single month before the end of a 12 month client campaign, the client will have the option of receiving a money back refund equal to the pro-rated percentage of top rankings we did not earn, or can elect to have us continue our services for free until the guarantee has been met. Since is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods and services, we do not issue refunds except as described herein.

Keyword Phrase Selection
Guaranteed Guaranteed Ranking Positions are based on keyword phrases determines relevant to the client site and by the search popularity made by actual online users. Prior to beginning any campaign, and after payment is received, we will provide the client with a list of keyword phrases containing 2-4 words each. The total number of phrases shall be determined by the service plan selected by the client.

We Guarantee Top 5 or Better Rankings or Your Money Back!
Our ranking guarantee shall be considered met if any month during a 12 month campaign we meet or exceed the total number of TOP 5 or BETTER rankings required. The "Visibility Summary" of the client’s monthly ranking report shall serve as documentation of our ranking guarantee being met. We will notify the client via email on or near the date that the client’s monthly ranking report validates the fulfillment of our ranking guarantee. - Get Started Now!

Any Additional Top Rankings Which Exceed Our Minimum Guarantee Are FREE of Charge!
(It is not uncommon for a campaign to generate two to three times our guarantee).

Code of Ethics does not participate in the promotion of any web site that we consider offensive in nature. does not willingly use optimization techniques that search engines may consider a violation of their submission policy. If you disagree, do not utilize our services as we will not be responsible for changes in search engine submission rules that may adversely affect the indexing success of Client web pages. Should this occur, our ranking guarantee will be null and void since index exclusion is out of our direct control.

Unless otherwise noted:
Ranking Guarantee applies to all Service Agreements effective after June 25, 2003

* Participating Search Engines In Campaigns
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